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Hello to whoever is reading this! Let’s start with the basic stuff shall we? Hi. I go by the name of Shefali. Pronunciation : Shay/faa/lee . I know it’s a very rare name. So. It’s midnight and I was listing down the things I have achieved in my 18 years. Yeah I’m 18. So after lots and lots of of thinking, I realized that I have achieved absolutely nothing in these 18 years. So I thought why not make myself productive and do something in life so that in the future when I think of things I have achieved, I  at least have something already in that list. Smart. Right??  Kidding. I’m not that smart.

So… to whoever that’s reading, I will TRY to ( keyword “TRY”)  be consistent with the uploads. I really don’t know what I will be blogging about. Well, let’s see – Food, Travel, Inspirational Stuff, Lifestyle. I can try Fashion. But don’t expect me to write poems. I can’t write poems. But if you like poems, my best friend writes amazing poems. You can follow her on wordpress. No she doesn’t know I’m writing about her. Her blog name is

I think this is enough for my FIRST EVER BLOG POST. So I gotta go.. I haven’t been on YouTube today.

So if y’all are having a bad day, remember THERE’S ALWAYS A RAINBOW AFTER THE RAIN 🙂

K Bye!!!! And I love You ❤

Love, Shefali




3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Richa says:

    Oii, hi. Welcome to world of blogging! So excited for this blog and to see what all you have up your sleeve, you sneaky girl. Thaaank youuuu for the shoutout ahaha. I love you. Best of luck 🙂

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