My Bucket List : 1. Stop Procrastinating




Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time. (* I totally googled it 😛 )

So.. I have my last paper on Saturday and me being me, I am procrastinating. Pffft. What’s new? Nothing. I procrastinate so much, that my middle name should be procrastination. The amount of time I spend Procrastinating every day is very much unhealthy. Also it’s taking me nowhere. So I finally decided to do something about it. I changed my top priority from watching netflix to stop procrastinating. And also added it to my bucket list.

Now, there are 6 stages of procrastination which I will briefly write about. And I am sure you all can relate to them.




This happens when you have a lot of days before the deadline. So you assure yourself that there is a lot of time and you make yourself believe that you will surely complete your work before the deadline.

And now since you have so nicely procrastinated, and your mind believes that there is ample time, you go and relax. By relax I mean watch netflix, eat hell load of junk food and sleep like you’ve never slept before. If you do that, you are my best friend. Because I do that A LOT. 😀


Now, a few days have passed after assuring yourself that there is a lot of time to complete your work. But slowly you start to realize that maybe you should just get done with the work because you know that you are a big procrastinator. BUT… Do you complete your work??? Complete? You don’t even start your work. Why?? Because you are lazy as hell and you just don’t want to do it. Or maybe you just don’t care. So of course you procrastinate AGAIN! Surprised? No I’m not because let’s be honest here. You are gonna keep procrastinating for the rest of your life. No matter how old are you and no matter how successful are you.


Excuses, excuses, excuses. Tell me when do they not cause a problem? That’s right. NEVER!! So now after being lazy, you again consider doing your work. But every time you think about that, you give an utterly stupid excuse.

For example;

– It’s my dog’s nap time. I need to sing a lullaby for him.

– People are blaming me for World War III, and I am trying to be a peacemaker.

– I need to double check all of the expiration dates on my milk. You can never be too sure. What? I love my Cheerios in the morning!

– Sorry, but I can’t do anything for the next few hours. I am allowing my food to digest.

– My cat Mr.Sprinkles just fell up the stairs. Can you believe it? Up the stairs?? “Mr Sprinkles, I am coming, just gimme one minu……”

Yes. I am capable of giving all the above excuses. What? I’m being serious. I can’t help it you know.

And now, you procrastinate for the THIRD time. By this point, procrastination has been included in your daily schedule.


Now you know that you have procrastinated enough and that you are 1 day away from the deadline. So again, you assure yourself that it’s totally fine and that you can complete your work at night. I mean who needs sleep right? So you deny yourself from sleep and drink a million mugs of coffee.


HOUSTON! We have a problem!! ( Gotta love NASA ❤ )

Now that you drank a million mugs of coffee, the math is easy. You are high on coffee. Your mind is absolutely going crazy and you don’t know what’s happening. You my friend, are seeing visions of your death. because you have done NOTHING. You have no idea how to complete your work and you are completely screwed.

So now you promise yourself that you will never ever procrastinate. ( Yeah right 😀 )

NO 6 : Repeat


So these are the 6 stages of procrastination.


QUESTION : Why do we procrastinate? 

ANSWER : funny-quotes-phrases-part2-56


HOW TO AVOID PROCRASTINATION ?                                                                                                –  Keep away from all the gadgets and lock yourself in a room without food. Simple right? Not really. Been there, done that.

I am really really trying my best to not procrastinate. But I think a little bit of procrastination is okay.

I think I’ve written a lot about procrastination. So I’m done here.

Like this post if you relate to doing all those things and comment below how you procrastinate.

Until next week..


Love y’all ❤

Love, Shefali ❤






First Post





Hello to whoever is reading this! Let’s start with the basic stuff shall we? Hi. I go by the name of Shefali. Pronunciation : Shay/faa/lee . I know it’s a very rare name. So. It’s midnight and I was listing down the things I have achieved in my 18 years. Yeah I’m 18. So after lots and lots of of thinking, I realized that I have achieved absolutely nothing in these 18 years. So I thought why not make myself productive and do something in life so that in the future when I think of things I have achieved, I  at least have something already in that list. Smart. Right??  Kidding. I’m not that smart.

So… to whoever that’s reading, I will TRY to ( keyword “TRY”)  be consistent with the uploads. I really don’t know what I will be blogging about. Well, let’s see – Food, Travel, Inspirational Stuff, Lifestyle. I can try Fashion. But don’t expect me to write poems. I can’t write poems. But if you like poems, my best friend writes amazing poems. You can follow her on wordpress. No she doesn’t know I’m writing about her. Her blog name is

I think this is enough for my FIRST EVER BLOG POST. So I gotta go.. I haven’t been on YouTube today.

So if y’all are having a bad day, remember THERE’S ALWAYS A RAINBOW AFTER THE RAIN 🙂

K Bye!!!! And I love You ❤

Love, Shefali